The greatness of open source is addictive. Apart from obviously enabling learning, it also helps drive great software that close-doors software often doesn’t. The openness in the community extends to criticism and support to create what is efficient.

This site is no exception. It is built using Jekyll. Apart from the Jekyll and Liquid communities in general, here are works by some individuals that form pieces of this site. I cannot possibly list out all those whose work has been used, but here is a short list:

Joel Glovier, whose Liquid-based feed.xml is used to generate the feed for this site. I did not exactly like how the jekyll-feed gem output the entire content of posts in the feed, and how it has no way to control the content. I had to build a custom one. I modified (a little) the Liquid-based XML that Mr Glovier has published on his blog post, RSS for Jekyll blogs, and used it for this site.

My friend, Sharath Kumar, for the super-efficient, in-place, JS-based search that is absolutely fantastic, and the related posts include. I first came across the search piece when we were designing Meraki Post, and loved it for its simplicity. Sharath is one man I would recommend if you are looking to get yourself a website designed.

This site also uses the beautiful accent colour and the the link highlight formatting from Sara Soueidan’s portfolio site. (Great home page; go check it out.)

And of course, a big shout-out to Chester How for the theme, Tale. What a beautiful, minimalistic, text-centric theme!